Ryan Schram Yawahigu ana amwahao Ol rot bilong laip bilong mi (or, Curriculum vitae)

Service activities

I have had the opportunity to contribute to the administration of my department and my university in a number of ways. My most significant administrative function in recent years has been as undergraduate coordinator of my department and undergraduate academic advisor. As undergraduate coordinator, I have been actively involved in our department’s reform of the major curriculum. One of my main goals in this regard was to clarify the contribution that a major in anthropology makes to a student’s overall liberal arts education.

I have also had opportunities to perform service to the profession of anthropology in a number of ways. Some of my most significant contributions have been:

I have also reviewed manuscripts for American Ethnologist, Anthropological Forum, Anthropological Quarterly, Berghahn Books, Current Anthropology, Ethnos, Ethos, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Modern Asian Studies, Oceania, The Australian Journal of Anthropology, The Contemporary Pacific, Third World Quarterly, University of Hawaiʻi Press, and others.