Ryan Schram Yawahigu ana amwahao Ol rot bilong laip bilong mi (or, Curriculum vitae)


My teaching is oriented to the overall goal of helping every student think for themselves and to see their own ideas as part of a larger conversation among diverse perspectives on open, unresolved questions. While I teach on a broad range of topics in cultural anthropology, I think they are meaningful as part of a student’s general education and especially the development of their intellectual capacity and a critical, skeptical consciousness.

I teach anthropology at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, including first-year classes, honours, and master’s students in development studies. Some of the classes I have taught at the University of Sydney are:

You can see more of my teaching materials and class notes on my teaching and presentation site, Ryan Schram’s Anthrocyclopaedia at http://anthro.rschram.org.